cPlant: Computational Plants

2016 / 11 / 09

Scientific leaders: Dr. Marc JAEGER (CIRAD); Dr. Mengzhen KANG (CASIA)

LIAMA founding members involved: CASIA (China)

LIAMA associated members involved: CIRAD (France), InrIa (France), Wageningen University (Netherlands)


Creation: 2011

More information can be found on the cPlant website.


ThecPlant team focuses on modeling plant growth and development, developing and applying GreenLab model for different kinds of applications, by using methods from mathematics, automation, software engineering, machine learning, computer graphics, and rendering techniques. The goals are set on two levels: the first, or scientific, level is to advance the knowledge of plant growth and its related techniques on plant modeling and visualization. The second, or application, level is to facilitate the technique transfer into the areas of agriculture, forestry, and biological sciences.


In past years, main achievements include:

- Calibration and partial validation of GreenLab model for several plants (tomato, wheat, chrysanthemum) under controlled environment;

- Theoretical study of model analysis and combination of GreenLab with data-driven model; extension of GreenLab with interactive pruning, light model and biomechanics, for enabling computational experiments;

-  Development of dedicated software tool for simulation and visualization of plant growth, in c++ (Qingyuan) and Scilab (GreenScilab);

-  Development of information management system for nursery and orchard with prediction of yield using plant growth model.

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