CARIOCA (formerly named TIPE): Climate and lAndcoveRInteractiOns with Complex datA

2018 / 05 / 02

Scientific leaders: Dr. Thomas CORPETTI (CNRS); Dr. Guixiang CUI (Tsinghua); Dr. Ping TANG (RADI)

LIAMA founding members involved: CNRS (France), Tsinghua

LIAMA associated members involved:RADI

Host: Tsinghua

Creation: December 2013


Our project, CARIOCA, is the new version of TIPE (Turbulence, Images, Physics & Environment) where a new partner, the Image Processing Division of RADI  (Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, CAS), has been added.  The key objective of our group is to work on time series of remote sensing images, both on Low Spatial Resolution (typically 3km to 5km per pixel) and Very High Spatial Resolution (VHSR, typically 1m to 10m per pixel) images. The main goal is to analyze interactions between land cover and local climate (as pollutant dispersion).

Researches on LSR data are concerned with the analysis of turbulence in atmospheric flows whereas with VHSR data, we rather focus on the analysis of land cover/land use,  the gesture of agriculture (through the analysis of time series of bio-physical parameters) and on urban transformations in big chinese cities (change detection, urban growth analysis).


During the past three years, we have developed several tools for turbulence estimation in image sequences based on various physical models. Such tools enable for example to correctly initialize some pollutant dispersion models. We also have developed some methodologies to monitor the vegetation (tracking of biophysical parameters, identification of grassland managements ...) and the urban growth in large size cities (Beijing and Shanghai).

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