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Innovation Cooperation and Research between the European Union and China

2017 / 06 / 09

For your information (June 2nd, 2017):

“The European Union and China will boost their research and innovation cooperation with a new package of flagship initiatives targeting the areas of Food, Agriculture and Biotechnologies, Environment and Sustainable Urbanisation, Surface Transport, Safer and Greener aviation, and Biotechnologies for Environment and Human Health.

These flagship initiatives will translate into a number of topics dedicated to cooperation with China under Horizon 2020...

The emphasis will be on green initiatives with actions on ecological quality of water in cities, nature-based solutions for restoration and rehabilitation of urban ecosystem, reduction of transport impact on air quality, aviation operations impact on climate change or biotechnologies for environmental remediation.

Commissioner Moedas and Minister Wan also signed an administrative arrangement renewing the EU-China co-funding mechanism for research and innovation. For the period 2018-2020, the Chinese side will reserve an annual budget of 200 Million RMB (more than €25 million per year) for the benefit of China-based entities that will participate in projects with European partners under Horizon 2020. The EU expects to continue spending over €100 million per year for the benefit of Europe-based entities in Horizon 2020 projects with Chinese participants.

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