ISSAC 2013 Distinctions for LIAMA researchers

Updated: 2014/1/20   

ISSAC 2013 (38th International Symposium on Symbolic Algebraic Computation, Boston, June 26-29, 2013)  awarded several LIAMA researchers:

- ISSAC 2013 Distinguished Student Author Award to Qingdong Guo (Project ECCA) in recognition of his paper "Computing rational solutions of linear matrix inequalities" (with Mohab Safey El Din and Lihong Zhi).
- ISSAC 2013 Distinguished Paper Award to Jingguo Bi (Project CRYPT) in recognition of his paper "Sub-Linear Root Detection, and New Hardness Results, for Sparse Polynomials Over Finite Fields" (with Qi Cheng and Maurice Roja).
- Mohab Safey El Din (PI of the ECCA Project) was an invited speaker.

ISSAC is the premier conference for research in symbolic computation and computer algebra.

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