MPR: Multimodal Perception and Reasoning

Updated: 2013/11/6   

Scientific leaders: Dr. Franck DAVOINE (CNRS); Dr.ZHAO Huijing (Peking University)
LIAMA founding members involved: CNRS (France)
LIAMA associated members involved: Key Laboratory of Machine Perception of PKU (China), UTC (France)
Other partners: PSA Peugeot Citroen
Host: PKU
Creation: January 2011


MPR (Multimodal Perception and Reasoning) project focuses on multimodal perception and reasoning for scene understanding, on machine learning and on data fusion methods. It aims at making research advances towards the development of intelligent and transnational vehicles. Partners are the Key Laboratory of Machine Perception (Ministry of Education) of Peking University, the joint research unit Heudiasyc (CNRS / University of Technology of Compiegne). Attached to the project, an advisory board is composed of the Technical Centers of PSA Peugeot Citroen both in Velizy (France) and in Shanghai (China). Besides cross-experiments done in France and China with several exchange students, researchers from Heudiasyc and Peking university have spent up to 2 years working full time in the partner laboratory.


The project addresses research on perception and reasoning for intelligent vehicles. This topic is of high international interest to the scientific community and innovations in this field clearly have strong effects on the automobile economy and on the safety and efficiency of human mobility. Systems and studied, developed and experimented on road with vehicle test beds of the two academic partners, both in Compiegne or Paris and in Beijing.

The collaboration with PSA Peugeot Citro¨en is made via the Advisory Board. Regular meetings and visits have been organized between PSA, PKU and Heudiasyc (CNRS & UTC) in 2011 and 2012, in Paris and in Beijing. Both the PSA Peugeot Citro¨en’s Director for Advanced and Scientific Research and the Executive Scientific Director - scientific direction and future technologies have been to visit PKU laboratory. A closer and contractual collaboration between the four partners is under preparation, and will start in 2013, on the topic of “Perception and Reasoning for Driving Assistance”.

NavInfo Co., Ltd., as one of the two China’s leading providers of navigable digital map data, dynamic traffic information and automotive integrated information services for global customers, had some direct collaborations with PKU in 2012, in the area of 3D point cloud annotation. NavInfo attends our PREDIMAP ICT-Asia project meetings (Feb. 2011 in Beijing, Jan. 2013 in Paris) with the motivation to follow our research and share knowledge and experiences in the domain of digital maps for intelligent vehicles. 


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