ECCA:Exact/Certifed Computation with Algebraic Systems

Updated: 2016/11/8   

Scientific leaders: Dr. Mohab Safey EI DIN (Inria); Dr. Lihong ZHI (AMSS);
LIAMA founding members involved: Inria (France), CNRS (France)
LIAMA associated members involved: AMSS (China)
Other partners: SKLOIS (China), LMIB (China), LIP6 (France)
Host: AMSS
Creation: November 2010


Exact/Certifed Computation with Algebraic Systems (ECCA) is a project run within the LIAMA Consortium as a cooperation project between CNRS/INRIA/LIP6, KLMM, SKLOIS and LMIB. The main scientific objective of this project is to study and compute the solutions of nonlinear algebraic systems and their structures and properties with target applications to computational geometry, algebraic cryptanalysis, global optimization, and algebraic biology.

Cooperative research in the frame of the ECCA project has produced a remarkable number of results, including new and efficient algorithms for solving polynomial systems and dealing with semi-algebraic systems. The project has not only helped strengthen the established collaborations between French and Chinese partners but also enabled the project members to initiate, organize, and participate in many scientific activities at the international level and inspired several new research directions (such as structured polynomial system solving, computation of roadmaps, and algebraic analysis of flight dynamics and control systems).

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