Associate Teams Call & CAS-Inria Joint Call results

Updated: 2018/2/26   

1. The Associate Team's project that has been retained for this year's call within the LIAMA framework, which is:

« Compositional Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems - CONVEX »

–     Inria Project Leader : Thierry Gautier (from "TEA" Team – Inria's "Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique" Center ) ; Chinese Project Leader : Naijun Zhan (from CASIA)


2. Two projects retained within the CAS-Inria 2017 Joint Call's framework (see below) :

- "Facial expression recognition with application in health monitoring-FER4HM" ,  Inria Project Leader: François Bremond ( team "STARS"  from Inria's "Sophia Antipolis - Mediterranean" Center) ; Chinese Project Leader: Hu Han (from ICT-CAS)
- "Verification, Interaction and Proofs-VIP", Inria Project Leader: Pierre-Louis Curien (team  "PIR2" from Inria's "Paris" Center), Chinese Project Leader: Ying Jiang (from IOS-CAS)

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