TCMR: Green cellular networks Modeling and Performance Evaluation of future mobile networks

Updated: 2018/12/18   

 Scientific leaders: Dr. Philippe MARTINS (Télécom Paris); Dr.Zhisheng NIU (Tsinghua)

LIAMA founding member involved: Tsinghua (China)
LIAMA associated member involved: Institut Mines-Télécom (France)
Host: Tsinghua
Creation: December 2013
Building an Eco-friendly sustainable society is a huge challenge for nowadays countries. Wireless communication networks are facing a tremendous growth of data and video traffic that will soon face energy and spectrum band scarcity. Research and breakthrough on energy-efficiency in mobile communication systems will contribute to improve both technology and theory. For addressing the urgent needs of bandwidth capacity of 10 to 20 future mobile communication systems, we will propose an energyefficient and resource-optimized green cellular mobile communication network and
give a plan for a standard low energy consumption network.
Task 1 : Planning of green cellular communication system architecture
Task 2 : Theoretical analysis of an energy-efficient oriented control plane
Task 3 : Sustainability
Task 4 : Organization


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